Dawn Song Haseeb Qureshi
Dawn Song Haseeb Qureshi
Professor, UC Berkeley Managing Partner, Dragonfly

Class Time

Synchronous lecture: 4:00 PM-5:59 PM PT Tue, starting Sep 6.


Date Topic Speaker
Sep 6
Lec 1
Orientation & Entrepreneurship 101 Dawn Song & Haseeb Qureshi
Sep 13
Lec 2
Web3 landscape (I): L1/L2 / infrastructure, DeFi, CeFi, Service providers Dan Robinson
Sep 20
Lec 3
Web3 landscape (II): NFTs, GameFi Yat Siu
Sep 27
Lec 4
web3 landscape (III): DAOs, Decentralized web & future applications Balaji Srinivasan
Oct 4
Lec 5
How to find a good idea Haseeb Qureshi
Oct 11
Lec 6
Pitching Haseeb Qureshi
Oct 18
Lec 7
Oct 25
Lec 8
Product Avichal Garg
Nov 1
Lec 9
CESC (no lecture)  
Nov 8
Lec 10
Incentive Design & Tokenomics Tim Roughgarden
Nov 15
Lec 11
Legal / Regulatory Jake Chervinsky
Nov 22
Lec 12
Community & Growth Stani Kulechov

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Course Description

Attention on web3 has exploded in recent years. Web3 provides better incentive models and control to users over the networks they use, through powerful abstractions like smart contracts, NFTs, and DAOs. Replacing centralized platforms in web2 with open protocols and autonomous governance, web3 encourages community participation and has the potential to be the future of the Internet.

Web3 has not only pushed forward cutting-edge research topics, but has also attracted great attention from capital markets. According to metrics reported by Forbes, “VCs deployed $30B+ globally in 2021 into crypto startups. “ and “There are 65+ crypto unicorns, with over 40 of them created in 2021. There were close to 50 crypto startups that raised over $100M in 2021.”

With any technology breakthrough comes great opportunities for entrepreneurship. Our goal in this course is to help students understand the new space of Web3 and learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in web3. Through the exposure to successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, as well as an overview of open challenges in the industry, we hope to equip students to understand the challenges and opportunities of building a startup in web3 and get hands-on experience through the course.